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The New Digital Workforce Includes Humans, Robots, & AI


We built LogistiVIEW for the realities of enterprise software - meeting systems where they are today and taking them a step further incorporating vision, voice, and robotics to optimize warehouse operations.  Our rapid integration approach allows digital transformation to be within reach and achievable across operations. Our technology unlocks a more intuitive, natural way of working using:

  • Intuitive visual + voice multimodal cues - for the fastest way for the human brain to see and respond to instructions
  • Rapid software integrations – for go-lives with no custom coding, or changes to legacy back-end systems
  • Gesture-controlled interactions – use intuitive swipes familiar to touch screen devices for an  easier interaction method
  • Vision picking combined with autonomous robotics improves efficiency and speed of work

Watch a live demonstration of Vision+ picking and the Workbench interface

Missed the presentation Tuesday by our CEO Seth Patin? No problem!

Here's a replay of  “Automate Differently: Why Software is the Future of Warehouse Automation”

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Seth Patin

Founder & Owner, LogistiVIEW and Accelogix

Since starting his career at supply chain software vendor, RedPrairie (now JDA), over 15 years ago, Seth has worked in several roles as a technology vendor, customer, and consultant, eventually founding Accelogix, a consulting firm that implements warehouse management software solutions . Seth’s experience in distribution operations and his vision for a better approach to human/computer interaction led him to found LogistiVIEW in 2014 and lead the company to become a pioneer and leader in the development of connected workforce technology.



Case Study: Peter Millar's Warehouse with LogistiVIEW

How did a top e-commerce brand scale its warehouse operations with LogistiVIEW?

Learn how Peter Millar brought LogistiVIEW to their distribution center to outperform their seasonal targets.  Going live in less than 90 days, find out how they rapidly implemented AR to increase capacity and throughput at their distribution center – all without revamping their systems.

Read Peter Millar Case Study Now

Recent Awards & Mentions

  • 2021 "Best Innovation of an Existing Product" MHI Innovation Awards Finalist - OnSite Remote Collaboration
  • Top 100 Logistics IT Provider of 2019
  • 2019 “Best IT Innovation” MHI Innovation Awards Finalist
  • Named a 2018 Cool Vendor in Mobile and Wireless for Gartner




Complex data becomes simple, intuitive, and actionable for workers to make the best, most informed decisions.  The way work should be done in Industry 4.0.